Alternatively, you can buy turnkey properties from providers, whose business is buying through foreclosure, short sales or good deals, and renovating, renting, and providing property management, which makes your cost and returns more defi ned. LONGER-TERM STRATEGY Lets say that you do a good job of goal planning and you know you want to retire in five to ten years. With that mind, you are looking for an investment that will help make that possible.
In the meantime, you dont want to live entirely for the future, but might want to break up the last years of your working life with a few special vacations. In the short term, Canadians in this situation may want to look at buying a US buy-and-hold rental property with positive cash fl ow. When you buy a single-family residential investment property in Canada, gross rent is considered attractive if it is 8 to 10 percent of the purchase price, whereas in the United States it is possible to achieve gross rents of 12 percent.