Right to terminate To emphasize that you need your agent to be aggressive and market your property actively, specifically state in the listing agreement that Seller has the right to terminate the agreement at any time subject to five days prior wri en notice if Seller determines, in hisher sole discretion, that the agent is not handling the sale of the property properly. Marketing plan You are hiring a real estate agent to take advantage of his professional marketing ability, affiliation with the multiple listing service, and capability for mass advertising. It is a good idea to require that your real estate agent commit to a very specifi c marketing plan, which you should aach as an addendum to your listing agreement.
For example, your lender should commit to a weekly classified ad in the Sunday newspaper, weekly open houses, listing in the MLS and on the Internet, weekly caravans for agents, and a special display advertisement in a local magazine or newspaper. See Section C. Additional services Youll need help to complete the real estate transaction quickly and correctly.