In my counseling practice, I saw plenty of people who fell into that category. If making and saving money are good things, then the more the better, right? Well, take the admittedly extreme case of Anne Scheiber, who, on a modest income, started saving at a young age, allowing her money to compound in wealth-building investments such as stocks over many years.
As a result, she was able to amass $20 million before she passed away at the age of 101.Whats your relationship to money?Over the years in my work as a financial counselor, Ive come to find that how a person relates to and feels about money has a great impact on how good he is at managing his money and making important financial decisions. For example, knowing that you have a net worth of negative $13,200 because of credit-card debt is useful, but its probably not enough information for you to do something constructive about your problem.